Pivotal Parenting Philosophy

Are you craving a new way to parent? Many of us find ourselves in the midst of a chaotic relationship with our children complete with yelling, melt-downs, power struggles, threats, and time-outs. Often there are two competing voices going on inside. One says, “Oh, all families are like this, children are just difficult but eventually they will outgrow these crazy-making behaviors and we will all get along with our lives just fine.” The other voice says, “Surely there has got to be a better way. I just don’t know what it is!!!”

This program is for parents who are committed to finding a better way. At Pivotal Parenting, I recognize that parents are people-makers! The way you parent your child, and the overall atmosphere or mood of your home literally forms the biological structures of your child’s brain that they will carry with them for life. In this way you have a profoundly powerful influence over your developing child. At Pivotal Parenting I also hold that it is a great honor to raise a child, and that conscious parenting leads to a peaceful home environment and compassionate, confident and intelligent children.

Conscious parenting is a process requiring awareness, time and commitment. The first step in the Pivotal Parenting Program is to get real about your current parenting reality (absolutely no blame or shame, just awareness) and to get clear about where you want to be in your parenting. You have to know where you are and where you are headed in order to get from point A to point B. Here is where your time and commitment to transformation enter the picture. Over the course of our ten weeks together, we will look at your own childhood and parent relationships to see how this is impacting you now in your life and with your child. With awareness and coaching you will build new neural pathways in your brain to create the relationship you want to have with your child. In the next portion of the Pivotal Parenting program you will learn about your child’s brain development and parenting practices that support optimal brain development.

A key component to the Pivotal Parenting program is the knowledge that every behavior is a communication attempt to get a basic need met. As we work together to understand what your child is communicating through their behavior, I will also give you tools to connect with your child in challenging moments and to set limits that honor your child’s needs as well as your values. In this way you will become your child’s emotional coach and greatest advocate. Emotional intelligence is the integrating force of the brain and the foundation for all other intellectual competencies. In other words, as you grow your child’s emotional competence you will grow the rest of your child naturally.

Armed with knowledge of your child’s brain development and a new set of tools to work through any and all behaviors, and having unpacked any remaining baggage from your past and how you were parented, you will be ready to step into a new kind of relationship with your child. A relationship based on authenticity, trust, respect and a deep loving connection. The greatest gift of the Pivotal Parenting Program is the new loving connection that emerges from your dedication and commitment to conscious parenting. And it is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only will your child thank you, but your grandchildren and your great grandchildren will too. Pivotal Parenting creates a ripple effect that starts with you and your family and then reaches out into the world touching the lives of many.

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