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Pivotal Parenting 10-Week Program
The Pivotal Parenting Program includes 10 one hour long personalized coaching sessions with me. Individualized “homework” assignments in the form of questionnaires and audio files to educate you on pertinent brain development of your child and to help you integrate this new learning in your family. You will also receive parenting tools to help resolve tantrums, set limits peacefully and connect deeply with your child.
$1500.00 (Partial scholarship and payment plans available upon request)

Pivotal Parenting Tune-Up Session
This is a one-hour session for families that have completed the 10-Week Pivotal Parenting Program and are experiencing a new family challenge. In these sessions I will help you to unpack you challenge as we reintegrate the PEACE process with your child.

SOS Session!!!
The SOS session is for new families that have not yet completed the Pivotal Parenting Program. This is a one and a half hour session targeted at distilling the root of your parenting challenge. You will receive insight into what is happening for you and your child as well as next steps for re-establishing connection in your relationship.

Group Pivotal Parenting 10-Week Program
Get your parent friends together for a rewarding and deeply transformational parenting experience. I love working with groups and you receive the added benefit of having close friends for support as you journey through this process together.
$4000.00 (Applies to groups of 4. $1000.00 for each additional parent.)

You can contact me by phone at 720-273-2529 or Click here to send me an email.