About Karli Smith

I am passionate about families. At the age of 11 I discovered my love of children when a new cousin was born into my family. It was love at first sight! And I have been working with children ever since.

Karli with her son Dillan on the beach.In college I discovered that I was also deeply curious about people, culture, genetics, and neurobiology. I wanted to understand all the forces that shape human beings. I received a BA in Anthropology and I went on to earn an MA in Educational Psychology with an Early Childhood Teaching License. With these credentials under my belt, I launched my teaching career. I taught children of all ages in a variety of educational settings for over a decade.

Seven years ago I gave birth to my son. In many ways I felt well equipped to parent him in a meaningful way. I understood child development and how to provide my son with optimal learning experiences. But I felt unprepared to forge the loving connection I yearned to have with him. More than anything I wanted him to evolve into a kind, compassionate and confident individual capable of handling all of life’s complexities with ease.

Less than a year after my son was born, I was back in the classroom. Immediately I noticed a different orientation in my teaching as I tuned in to intricacies in the social emotional intelligences of my students. I also had a new awareness of the needs and desires of the parents of my students. In conference after conference I heard parents express a need for support to parent with more effectiveness and confidence, especially in matters of discipline.

In this place of wanting to be a better resource for parents I came upon the Jai Institute for Parents. Without hesitation I enrolled myself in their next available parent coach training session. At the JIP I studied neuroscience, specifically how to support the social and emotional intelligences through parenting practices. And I found my true love, supporting parents (myself included) to be the parents they want to be with their children.

You can contact me by phone at 720-273-2529 or Click here to send me an email.