Welcome To Pivotal Parenting!

Many parents experience a gap between what they had hoped their parenting would like and their daily reality with their children. AND many of us swore we would never be like our parents, yet at our wits’ end we find ourselves yelling the very same words our parents yelled at us. At Pivotal Parenting I combine over a decade of teaching experience with a Nonviolent Parenting approach based in neuroscience to help parents raise confident, compassionate and intelligent children.

I provide SOS sessions for parents facing acute challenges with their children. In these sessions I work with you to distill the root of your challenge and then I will introduce next steps for re-establishing connection with your child. I also offer a 10-week program for parents seeking complete transformation in their families. In the 10-Week Pivotal Parenting Program you will receive 10 weekly personalized coaching sessions with me, access to internet resources regarding your child’s brain development and parenting practices that maximize your child’s potential. Specifically, I will work with you to:

  • Let go of how you were parented so that you can be present with your child.
  • Give you tools to set limits peacefully, resolve tantrums and create natural cooperation.
  • Build a strong connection to your child rooted in trust.
  • Give you insight into brain science and parenting that supports optimal brain development in your child.

Contact me today to schedule a free session and learn how I can help you to create the transformation you long for in your family. You can connect with me by phone at 720-273-2529 or Click here to send me an email.